Did you know that over 200,000 children are afraid to attend school each day because of being bullied by another child or a staff member, or that over 4,000 children under the age of 17 commit suicide annually?

We have joined hands with I’m Bully Free, a wonderful organization that is on a mission to provide support and raise awareness against bullying to create a safe and secure environment. Bully free provides classes to various schools around our are, teaching various classes such as anti-bully awareness, suicide awareness, dating violence awareness and more.

I’m Bully Free is a non-profit org on a mission to help our youth, and we are now on a mission to join them.

Let Us Donate For You

Our agency will donate $10 to I’m Bully Free on your behalf for every recommendation you send our way, and we’ll also add you to our monthly drawing for a $25 Gift Card! Getting involved has never been so simple, or free!

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