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Hurricane Insurance Policies

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Hurricane insurance is designed to protect the homeowner from any losses resulting from any damage occurring during a hurricane. It differs from flood insurance in that wind damage is covered as a part of the policy. Residents in areas prone to hurricanes benefit from having this coverage.

Who Is It For?

Homeowners who have been involved in a hurricane know firsthand the extent of the damage that can be done. A hurricane policy provides people with property protection if a tragic storm occurs. A hurricane protection plan goes beyond the basic coverage provided for in a simple homeowner insurance policy.

How It Works

People can expect to pay a portion of the home’s insured value while the policy covers the rest of the damage. The out-of-pocket costs incurred lie in the deductible. The coverage is applied to wind damage resulting from any storm recognized as a hurricane.

Different Types Of Coverage In Existence

Most homeowner insurance plans cover storm damage from a hurricane to an extent. Many only limit coverage to wind, rain or flooding. In getting a hurricane policy, the water and wind causes of damage are conveniently bundled into one policy. The policy is used to offset hurricane damage costs for homes hard hit by a recent storm. Homeowner policies offer limited coverage while hurricane protection handles every aspect of the hurricane storm event.

Major Benefits

Many policies fall short in covering one aspect of damage resulting from a hurricane. The homeowner policy may not cover either wind or flood-related damage. Having a hurricane policy gives comprehensive coverage for a home damaged in a storm.

Hurricane coverage protects in cases of direct loss to a physical structure if a hurricane occurs. The hurricane plan bundles several different types of protection together into one convenient bundle. Hurricane insurance covers the often neglected wind component of a typical homeowner policy. If a homeowner lives in a certain area, the lender may actually require a specific hurricane coverage policy.

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